DC3 Empathic Potpourri: Anyone Interested?

Wondering if anyone is interested in a pre-release package containing the specialty empathic careers from the soon-to-be-released(?) Conspiracy Lives!

The package will contain background on the four specialty empath, career definitions to get characters started, and updated psionic skills. This would be free for download as it would be incorporated into the Conspiracy Lives! book when it comes out. It will be a downloadable pdf available here and through DriveThruRPG / RPGNow.

Some changes:

The generic Dimension Walk (human) skill now only allows in-plane travel through temporary quantum dimensions (pale shadows of the Prime Dimension that warps space relative to it) — for example, zipping into the vault and back with the cash. Dimension Walk does not allow creation of permanent portals or gates, nor temporary ones to other dimensions/proto-dimensions. It does allow use of existing portals and gates. A different skill creates portals and gates, a new one.

Some darklings will have psion- or sorcerer-like skills to open temporary portals to other dimensions, possibly in addition to Dimension Walk to the same dimension. While the science may be the same, having a dimensional/positional frame of reference to another dimension is much different than one to the same dimension.

Psionicists are now called Psions (compatibility with House Rules).

In addition to awakening, neuropaths can take the Psychic Test Subject career. This career with the neuropath branch, reflects the forced testing, training, and experimentation that the “company” might do. The PTS career is also available to Psions, but their experience in the career is based on volunteering to test, train, be experimented on, etc.

The other thing about neuropaths…we are making them more like those from the movies Scanners (1981) and Firestarter (1984). When a neuropath awakens or when they enter the PTS career, they concentrate on a capability: fire, compulsion, psychokinetics, psychoelectropathy, etc. Neuropaths also get an unasked-for bonus on the Power Level roll–stages on 9 and 10. But they cannot throttle back the results. There will be plenty of exploding heads…!

Note that the neuropath has to escape if he is not kicked out of the PTS career. The psion can leave voluntarily, but they usually join up (see Psychic Researcher, below).

Psions will also have their own career: Psychic Researcher (or some such). In this one they are the scientist pushing the test subjects around.

The difference between Psions and Mystics will be even more pronounced. There will be a significant division concerning gates and portals. Mystics can use existing portals and gates, but cannot create gates. Psions can create gates and portals, but cannot enter the Astral Plane. Psions still get the check before they actually try something, reducing backlash due to Catastrophic rolls.

Sorcerers are all about the dimensions. Their capabilities will include the former concepts of drawing stuff out of elemental dimensions (fire, ice, gravity, etc.) to effect environment, but now they will have access to less purely elemental ones. In effect they can gate things into and out dimensions. They can also manipulate all the little nano-portals that are floating around. Sorcerers rely on rituals and symbols making them, for the most part, appear as occultists, but not necessarily with the religious/demonological flavor. Although, if a referee wanted to add in a dark lord or two along those lines, it would certainly appear that way.

So, is anyone interested?




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3 Responses to DC3 Empathic Potpourri: Anyone Interested?

  1. michael mobley says:

    im in

  2. Lee says:

    I hope this idea has not died. I would be most interested in purchasing this suggested update :) I’ve played every variety of Dark Conspiracy (including 3Hombres) and I would love an update to the empathic rules.

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