The Empathic Guide for Conspiracy Rules

DC3-CL-Empathic Guide-CoverReleased just this minute, the Empathic Guide contains rules for creating and playing the career paths from the 1st edition Empathic Sourcebook–updated for the Conspiracy Rules version of Dark Conspiracy, of course. The Empathic Guide is considered Book 2 of the Dark Conspiracy III core rules.

The book adds careers for:

  • Neuropaths
  • Mystics
  • Psionics
  • Empathic Sorcerers

Characters can now access the Psychic Test subject career to become a Neuropath (if you are an unwilling test subject) or a Psion (as a willing subject). Included are new skill rules for each of these “careers.”

The Empathic Guide has 49 pages of text and graphics and is currently free from our online store at DriveThruRPG / RPGNow. Here is the link.

Our new products will all use “layers” in the pdf, so you can turn off the backgrounds to print just the rules. One day we will grow up and offer the book as a printed version, I promise.


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Back from the Hiatus

We have been in a kind of stasis for the past year and I apologize. But we have just released a programmed fillable form-field version of a Conspiracy Rules character sheet. It is in our store on DriveThruRPG / RPGNow, but it is free for the time being.

This charsheet will calculate asset values, hit points based on either of the two methods in the core rulebook, as well as range-based target numbers for weapons. There is liberal use of drop-down fields to speed selection and entry, but the drop-downs can be overwritten to allow campaign or house-rule specifics.

The charsheet also uses layers. This allows the graphics to be disabled, making the file print-friendly. You can also disable the form-field layer to print out a clean charsheet for the old-school method of using a pencil to fill in a printed, empty charsheet.

Won’t speak about future products other than to say that Lee Williams is writing up an underwater gate complex. And we might just release the 45+ page Empathic Guide in the next couple of days. The charsheet already has the skills from the guide in the psionic skills section pull-down menus.


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